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Beaded Row Sew Ins

• Maximum volume for less points of       contact.

• Less restrictions.

• Maintenance every 4-6 weeks

• Quick maintenance appointments.

• No downtime after install

Tape Ins

• Maximum customization with color and           placement.

• Maintenance every 8-10 weeks.

• Maximum density customization.

• No residue left over from adhesives.

Customized reinstall to preserve the                 length of the extensions.

 While The Andrea Milan Loft offers many different forms of permanent extensions, after much research and experience it has been found that two methods stand out to be the most healthy for the clients natural hair. With your hairs health being our biggest concern and focus we recommend Tape In Extensions or Beaded Row Sew In Extensions. These methods have proven, when installed properly, to assist the grow out phase to help you obtain your length goals or simply add volume without compromising your natural hairs length and density. 


Before & Afters

Before & After

Sew-In Extensions
Sew-In Extensions
Sew-In Extensions
Sew-In Extensions
Tape-In Extensions
Sew-In Extensions
Sew-In Extensions
Tape-In Extensions

Extension Care


Your extensions are an investment and will need a bit of care. Although extension care may differ per install method there are a few general guidelines that are great to follow for ALL extension install methods:

  • Always use Sulfate free Shampoos, and professional grade products. Drug store brands can cause severe buildup and shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions.

  • Brush your hair at least twice a day, from the bottom up, parting it down the center and working through one side at a time to keep it easy to detangle. Be sure to brush your extensions all the way up to your connections to prevent severe tangles.  

  • Use heat protectants before any hot tool use, avoid serums or oily heat protectants as they can cause heat damage. I recommend using a spray in heat protector for even distribution.

  • Leave in conditioners as well as treatments are strongly recommended to protect the integrity of your extensions, they need an extra boost of hydration, but be sure to avoid the point of attachment. 

  • Before and after swimming dampen your hair with fresh tap water and spray your extensions midshaft to ends with leave in conditioner, this will help protect your hair from the harsh chemicals or salts.

  • Avoid chemical based sunscreens as they can discolor your extensions.

  • Before bed always brush hair and put in loose braid or low ponytail.

  • Never go to sleep with damp/wet hair.

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